VP & Sales and Marketing

Carl got his start in financial markets a little different then most.  Carl graduated from Ferris State University with a Marketing degree with a minor in Professional Golf Management.  He became member of the PGA, and worked as a club pro at one of the top 20 clubs in America.  After three years in that position he joined up with a member and went down to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  He was a fast learner starting as a runner and worked his way up to trading electronically on the Eurex Exchange within 2 years.  His Success at trading let him become a partner in Altea.  Altea was a prop group that Carl helped train new traders and oversaw the floor operations. In 2005, Carl joined up with Brian and Dave at Boss trading.  Carl has a passion for financial markets and people.  His sales and marketing background are well established across many mediums.  He see’s the potential of blockchain technology as the next great opportunity for investors


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